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Learn how to Breathe!
Going Beyond Natural Supplements

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Written by Dr. David Wheeler

For those people who truly want to encourage the highest level of health and wellbeing in life, more needs to be done than taking natural supplements. The way in which you breathe is directly associated to longevity and quality of health.

At the same time, the Natural Supplements I have personally invented provide an irreplaceable foundation for the following and much, more: a highly functional immune system, cellular regeneration, a healthy gut and cardio vascular system, decreasing allergic and environmental reactivity and inflammation in the soft tissue of the joints.

For those people who use either or both my MPS GOLD and M-Water products will accomplish more in terms of longevity and quality of health than taking any other natural supplement or dietary change. Please read the rest of my website about my Natural Supplement inventions: MPS GOLD 100, MPS GOLD 3X, M-Water, Core Water and Amazing C.

The most important component to go along with taking my key natural supplements is training the body how to “breathe less”. Yes, I am stating that you need to learn how to breathe less and not more to make dramatic gains in longevity and quality of health and to make sure that the body is fighting against all disease at an optimum level.

However, simply forcing the body to breathe less or more will actually result in the same thing! With force breathing less or more, you will experience the following: increased stress on all levels physically, mentally and emotionally; decreased oxygen to the cells; a decrease in the healthy function of the immune and cardiovascular systems; poor digestion and elimination; an imbalanced endocrine system and out of balance nervous system.

Forcing the body to breathe too much or much less will cause disconnection in the nervous system. When you breathe too much air or you try to force the body to breathe less you end up becoming fatigued and actually out of breath!

You will reverse all the above conditions within a few days to a few weeks with the 10 minute daily practice of IBT. This system that reeducates the brain and nervous system as a whole to regulate breathing correctly leads to optimum breathing as a wave to all parts of the body and in doing so less volume of breath is required. You will experience the increase in both energy and ease in your body and mind. You will feel relaxed but with a razor sharp mind! IBT results in a longer and happier life because all systems, organs and glands are effected in a positive manner.

Remember this important point! IBT is not a system of directly focusing on breathing but an amazingly effective method for reeducating the brain to allow the body to breathe in an integrated manner and with much less volume. You will then automatically notice that you are breathing less along with an exquisite feeling of wellbeing and connectedness with everything going on in your life.

The Integrated Breathing Technique (IBT)

My breakthrough breathing system that I call “IBT”, the Integrated Breathing Technique, has taken me over twenty five years to perfect. I will remind the reader of this important point over and over again: You do not focus on breathing itself so much as giving the brain a new education on a cellular level that will instill spontaneous and automatic healthy breathing: your breathing volume will decrease and the breath will spread throughout the body as a whole as a fully integrated wave.

For many years as a Chiropractor I came to observe that the breath wave created in the body as a whole is the most important physiological factor associated with every breath a patient takes during the time I am treating them with spinal adjustments, after a treatment and in between each treatment as reported by patients.

Much of what I accomplish with my approach to spinal adjusting as a Chiropractor is now accomplished with the Integrated Breathing Technique (IBT). You learn how to maintain 24 hours a day fully integrated breathing in the body that reduces the amount of air you need to take into the lungs. As you breathe less with IBT you will also experience a wave of clear energy going to all the cells. You will feel better and better with every passing minute.

The Body Wants to Breathe Less

The body wants to breathe less if given the correct input. All the stressful input you receive from the moment of being born into this world causes the body to breathe more in a desperate attempt to survive. Who you are on every level of being is a direct reflection of your breathing. Less integrated breathing with more volume required reflects greater accumulation of stress and disease. More integrated breathing with less volume required reflects less stress and less disease, or in other words greater health. With the practice of IBT for only ten minutes a day you will discharge the negative patterns from past experiences in life that are the cause of fragmented, high volume breathing.

The way in which people lived their lives in ancient societies tended to create integrated breathing spontaneously. In modern society with all the stress and poor nutrition even if you are doing your best to eat right actually causes a reverse in healthy breathing. Modern life causes fragmented and higher volume breathing and tends to make the body pull more and more air into the lungs. Before learning IBT it is helpful to pay attention to your breathing without trying to change it and will experience the different parts of your body that are not breathing and those parts of your body that are breathing. You will also notice the volume of breath going in and out of the body and the degree of fragmentation that is taking place in different regions that the breath is reaching through the automatic process of respiration.

From the very first ten minute period of time practicing IBT you will notice that breathing is felt more evenly throughout the entire body and that the volume of breathing decreases substantially. You will also begin to experience the breath as a wave moving through the body that brings during day to day activity an exquisite feeling of connectedness to every experience with the five senses. This is why taking an initial inventory of your breathing before learning IBT is helpful. You will gain the advantage of living in ancient cultures where breathing was fully understood and reverse fragmented breathing to become fully integrated from the very first instruction in IBT.

The Russian Breathing Technique

A recent Russian invention, the Buteyko Breathing Technique, a breathing technique used by the Cosmonauts at the space station is meant to accomplish the same thing as my Integrated Breathing Technique (IBT). More and more people around the world are using the Russian breathing system and with good results. Using IBT will take you on the fast track. The Russian system of breathing is like taking a slow boat across the ocean. IBT is like taking a rocket ship to the moon. You can read about the Buteyko Method at .

The difference between my breathing method that I call IBT and the Russian breathing system called is that the Russian system is much more complicated and harder to master. In fact, for some people, they will not be successful with the Russian system because of how analytical a person must be in terms of paying attention to their breathing.

Again, as already stated, you will start experiencing an integrated breath wave of much lower volume right from the first time you practice IBT. You will access much greater oxygen and energy to the cells and bring about optimum immune system responses to fight against disease, and create whole brain functioning to feel much more relaxed and at the same time energetic, a lowering of depression and anxiety replaced with happiness and a joy for living.

Many people have been taught that they should intentionally breathe more every day. The big surprise is that you need to learn how to breathe less and not more! When your body learns how to breathe less your life will change completely in so many beneficial ways! The volume of breathing that takes place with even the greatest exertion in sports or work will be less and much more integrated. Of course, breathing will still remain dynamic with the greatest exertion but will be maintained at a lower volume of in breath and much more integrated as a wave of interaction with all regions in the body with the practice of IBT. With the practice of IBT every day recovery time and the ability to maintain a particular activity will go up dramatically.

I have taken a thorough look at the Russian developed Buteyko Method for breathing less that is used by Cosmonauts at the space station. This system appears to be effective but requires a lot of effort on the part of the practitioner of this technique. I have been working on meditative techniques and body work techniques for the last twenty five years of my life and with an emphasis on integrated breathing. I am absolutely convinced that anyone who has learned the Buteyko Method will find the Integrated Breathing Technique (IBT) (my breathing system) much more effective and easier to use.

In fact, I will make this special offer to teachers and students of the Buteyko Method of breathing. With proof that you have been a student or practitioner in the Buteyko Method I will provide instruction that doesn’t require payment for thirty days. If you don’t experience IBT as more effective before the thirty day period has been completed I will not charge any money for instruction.

Bringing IBT to the World

Now that I have finally perfected the teaching module to learn IBT (Integrated Breathing Technique) I believe it is also the time to take the best method for learning how to breath correctly to the world: NASA, military (in particular to special forces), college athletics, the psychological professions, medical schools, post graduate training for all types of doctors and healthcare professionals and medical studies that compare different the impact of different kinds of psycho/physical self-development systems. There are certainly many more groups of people than just mentioned here in that will benefit from my optimum breathing system called IBT.

Before I take IBT to the world and most likely at a higher cost, my customers and past patients will be the first students in my amazing system of creating optimum health with correct breathing! Sign up soon to learn IBT! I am extending my low cost offer to receive life time IBT training for the next thirty days.

Breath is a Wave

As I have emphasized in this Email Newsletter it is necessary to not only breathe less but also to breathe in an integrated manner. Integrated breathing means that the air going in and out of your body is moving as a wave to flow through all the regions of the body, touching them like a gentle hand massaging the body with energy. This wave of integration goes hand in hand with the minimum level of breathing needed to accomplish the maximum level of oxygen and energy released to the cells.

Learn the Ancient Master’s Secret Breathing Method

In the ancient system of Ayurveda from India and from Chinese Medicine it is taught that a person’s age and health is determined by the volume of air and the number of breaths they take in a life time. You could become a student of meditation systems involving the breath taught in India and China, but to receive the level of training found in IBT may take many years. With IBT, you receive the most advanced level of meditation instruction involving the breath as taught in ancient societies right away. Why were these most effective methods of correct breathing withheld from the general public in ancient times that continues into modern times? Because of greed and control issues that plague humanity and result in the most important healing methods being withheld.

A major reason for taking ten minutes to practice IBT as a sitting meditation practice is that doing so will reduce both the number of breaths a person takes every day and the volume of breath taken into the body. Practicing any meditation technique for much longer periods of time can imbalance the body/mind connection. I saw the effect of practicing TM and other techniques for several hours a day and for many people this is not constructive. An analogy can be made about drinking water: if you drink ten gallons of water a day it can kill you, while drinking two to four liters of water a day is the maximum amount of water a person should consume every unless involved in extreme sports or work that pushes the body to extreme dehydration.

If people want to extend their daily practice, they can increase the number of formal sitting meditations with IBT to three or increase one IBT session to thirty minutes. Gradual increases are better when going up in time to the maximum of three formal meditation periods or thirty minutes once a day. Part of my ongoing support is to help people determine the maximum amount of time to sit in formal IBT practice every day.

If people want to extend their daily practice, they can increase the number of formal sitting meditations with IBT to three or increase one IBT session to thirty minutes. Gradual increases are better when going up in time to the maximum of three formal meditation periods or thirty minutes once a day. Part of my ongoing support is to help people determine the maximum amount of time to sit in formal IBT practice every day.

The Masters of meditation, medicine, healing and movement taught the more difficult methods to the public, which includes the correct method for breathing. If you are a student in the ancient systems of meditation and movement that maintain that status quo you will need to first learn and perfect the more difficult beginning and intermediate approaches that can take many years in order to learn the most advanced that are actually the easiest to practice.

Finally, after many years of practicing the harder to learn and practice beginning and intermediate methods of breathing, the Master might teach you the most advanced method of accumulating energy in the body used in Tai Chi and Kriya Yoga (referred to as Chi and Prana) that is not only used for healing but also in martial arts and by the meditation master to project a strong aura energy field around the body.

I have learned many of the most advanced systems of breathing in the world and they are all easy to learn and effortless in their practice. IBT is like putting on a wonderful suit of liquid armor that strengthens and protects every cell of the body. I can say without reservation that IBT is the most advanced of all techniques I have taught or learned over the last forty years.

What is this most advanced method all about? It is about Breath! The most advanced meditative and movement techniques used in martial arts and yoga are all about correct breathing. IBT is the ultimate method for breathing correctly, that is, to breathe less to accomplish more! Everything that is accomplished by the Master of Meditation, Healing, Traditional Medicine, Yoga and Martial Arts is accomplished with my method of breathing less to accomplish more, what I call IBT (the Integrated Breathing Technique).

Shockingly, the more a person forces their breathing to increase, the less oxygen and energy will go to the cells. Many people learn hatha and kundalini yoga systems that involve increased breathing or engage in athletic endeavors that do not balance the need for breath with the body’s innate capacity to breathe less to accomplish more. This is exactly what my system of breathing (IBT) accomplishes, to reeducate the nervous system to regulate correct breathing that is less in volume and integrated throughout the whole body.

Energy with Ease

When you sit to practice IBT with the eyes closed for ten minutes maximum once a day you will feel the body settle down into a relaxed state of being that I call” Energy with Ease”. Many approaches to relaxing the body, including medications and many of the available psychological methods, actually result in mental dullness and the suppression of a fully engaged body.

When you practice IBT as a system of reeducating the brain to optimize breathing you will experience an amazing lucidity and depth of being. After opening your eyes from a ten minute period of IBT you will feel a transition from being disconnected to being connected to everything including other people. Breath and your State of Being go hand in hand. Learn IBT and allow your breath to change your life for the better!

Optimize Athletics, Sports and Body Building

What about athletes? For athletes, including professionals at the highest level, there is a need to learn IBT in order to maintain the highest level of effectiveness in their individual sport, inclusive of the following: a dramatic increase in skill level, recovery time, endurance and building well define muscles. Therefore, if you are an athlete and or body builder learning IBT is absolutely essential! When you call for your free consultation I will explain how IBT works to develop these amazing changes for the better!

I firmly believe that the super star athlete often develops a partial change in how their brain regulates breathing to be less in volume and to be more connected to the body as a whole. I would love to see future studies that compare the effects of IBT with the way in which elite super star athletes breathe during their sport and in day to day activity. With IBT even the super star athlete can bring completion when it comes to correct breathing, less in volume and moves like an integrated wave to all parts of the body.

I can teach you my “breathe less method” that I call IBT” in the first teaching session. You continue to practice IBT as a sitting meditative type practice for only ten minutes once a day and then become involved with awareness of breathing throughout day to day activity. With an initial email and or telephone instruction of one hour you will be learn everything needed to practice IBT with the greatest of effectiveness, just ten minutes per session and only once a day.

Ongoing Support is Essential

Not only is the initial personal instruction essential to learn IBT with complete effectiveness, ongoing support to some degree is extremely helpful to most people. I want every student to receive the best instruction and the best ongoing support to maintain the highest level of effective practice. Whenever a student has questions about their IBT practice, they can contact me by telephone and or email.

I also have plans for an IBT conference call. All students of IBT can tune in and receive group support for their practice of correct breathing. Group involvement is always powerful and I look forward to this aspect of IBT developing over time

Sometimes too much effort creeps into your practice of IBT or you try to change to breathing directly instead of simply realizing the changes that come from practicing the correct method of reeducating the brain in terms of the way it regulates correct breathing.

Remember, there is only one low fee 0f $100 to receive the initial instruction and ongoing life time support, which is for a limited time for approximately the next 30 days until a new standardized fee for IBT instruction is instituted.

Personal Instruction Brings Maximum Results

With one low payment of $100 to learn IBT in no more than one hour I also provide life time support by telephone and or email follow up. Please refer to email and telephone contact info at the end of this Email Newsletter.

I do not go into the actual breathing technique in this Email Newsletter. Why? Because many people will attempt to change their nervous system’s regulation of breathing without practicing the precise method used in my breath less for health technique. Maybe the most important component of teaching requires ongoing personal interaction with an expert in my IBT approach to healing and health. This cannot be accomplished with just video, a book or a text only online instruction that exclude personal interaction with me as the instructor.

Without personal instruction the opposite effect intended. I guarantee with my personalized approach to instruction that you will experience from the very first lesson breathing less that expresses itself as a wave in your body, along with increased oxygen and energy to all the cells that translates into a an incredible experience of physical, mental and emotional well-being.

With IBT, pure pleasure to the body takes place with a flow of breath to the cells. You do not intentionally force attention upon how you breathe with the practice of IBT: you will spontaneously realize that you are breathing less while and at the same time spontaneously noticing increased energy and ease in the body and mind.

Become an Academic Success with IBT

IBT is not only essential when engaged in athletics, sports and body building but doing so will also make all the difference when studying complicated subjects or taking tests in school. Students will see their grades go u to the “A” level within a very short period of time. Even more than that, students and all other people from children, teenagers, young adults, and the full range of adulthood from early twenties to living past 100 years will transform their lives for the better.

Anyone can Learn IBT

Of course, the foundation for IBT is to instill optimum health on every level, physically, mentally and emotionally. No matter what is going on in your life learning how to breathe correctly is absolutely essential. Anyone who can follow simple directions can learn IBT. From the age of eight to ten years old a person can learn to practice IBT, sometimes at a younger age. From childhood until adulthood a person should be practicing IBT. When you reach the age of 100 years you should continue with your IBT practice into your truly senior years, with IBT as the ultimate longevity approach to health and well-being.

Within a day or two of your first IBT lesson you will begin to bring about a permanent stabilization of ease, relaxation, increased physical energy, clearer thinking and an increased joy for living and more connected personal relationships. Over a period of a few weeks you will totally replace high volume breathing that is fragmented and disconnected to that of much lower volume breathing that reaches the cells as an integrated wave of energy and life. You will make a transition from poor health to become fully healthy physically, mentally and emotionally.

Explaining my complete breathing system in this Email Newsletter will take too long and will not fulfill the requirement of personalized instruction. The best way to proceed if you are interested in learning the most effective breathing system in the world is to start out with a Free Consultation by telephone or email:

Dr. David Wheeler
Toll Free at 888-342-6772
International at 503-526-9130
Email: wheeleroffice@aol.com

In Person IBT Instruction

I plan on making IBT instruction available in Oregon City, Oregon sometime in March of 2014. The cost is higher than instruction by telephone and or email. If you are interested in receiving in person instruction in IBT when it becomes available at my Oregon City, Oregon offices, please send me an email to wheeleroffice@aol.com

A One Time Fee for Life Time Instruction

The cost to learn my “breathe less system for optimum health” called IBT (Integrated Breathing Technique) is only $100.00. You will receive life time support in your practice of IBT by email and or telephone. The life time support program will be explained during the first instructional period to learn IBT (Integrated Breathing Method).

Either by telephone or by email communication or a combination of both will provide optimum benefits. I prefer working with people by telephone to start IBT, but the entire system can be learned by email. To receive your free consultation about IBT, please contact me by telephone or email today.

IBT Teacher Training

Any student of IBT can apply to train as a teacher, taught in residence over a Friday evening through Sunday evening event in Oregon. Anyone training to become a teacher of IBT must attend three weekend teaching seminars to become fully accredited. A limited number of accredited IBT Teachers will be accepted, with the final number approximately one hundred worldwide. Those people who get started now with IBT instruction will be first in line to attend IBT Teacher Training Seminars (limited to twenty people per seminar).

A request for more information about IBT Teacher Training, please wait until you receive your initial instruction in the practice of IBT.

Contact Information

Dr. David Wheeler Health Breakthroughs International
8196 SW Hall Blvd, Suite 108
Beaverton, Oregon 97008
USA toll free 888-342-6772
International 001 503-526-9130,
Email: either wheeleroffice@aol.com or healthbreakthroughs@gmail.com


Dr. David Wheeler is a Chiropractic Physician currently licensed in Oregon and other states. After returning from service in Vietnam with a special intelligence job working for the National Security Agency Dr. Wheeler decided to learn the practice of Transcendental Meditation as taught by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. In March of 1973 he attended and completed training as a teacher of Transcendental Meditation, working full time as a teacher of TM and coordinator of advanced programs from 1977 to the year 1980.

In 1981 Dr. Wheeler began receiving instruction in Reiki and in 1983 became the first Third Degree Reiki teacher in Oregon. He worked in Oregon and California with Barbara Weber Ray in spreading the teaching of Reiki to both the general public and to healthcare professionals.

After determining that he did not have a thorough understanding of the many different meditation and energy healing teachings in the world, Dr. Wheeler embarked on a journey of receiving instruction in many different systems. He received this instruction in at least twenty different teachings, with the following a sample of these teachings: Kriya Yoga from the Lahiri Mahasaya lineage, the same lineage associated with the late Paramahansa Yogananda who wrote Autobiography of a Yogi); Surat Shabd Yoga about perceiving inner light and sound; Knowledge as taught by Guru Maharaji that involves the perception of inner light, sound, vibration and nectar.

Dr. Wheeler is also an expert and Master of Martial Arts. He began with instruction when he was 14 years old and became a teacher of adults at the age of 15. Before induction in the army at the age of 18 he became a black belt in the system of Kong Su as developed by Bruce Terrell in Portland, Oregon. After discharge from the army in 1971 he started a Karate School in Lake Oswego, Oregon. Dr. Wheeler also trained in Brue Lee’s fighting systems, Tai Chi and Tai Kwan Do. Dr. Wheeler has stated that the practice of martial arts is meditative and instills breath as Chi to circulate in the body.

Dr. Wheeler is also an expert and Master of Martial Arts. He began with instruction when he was 14 years old and became a teacher of adults at the age of 15. Before induction in the army at the age of 18 he became a black belt in the system of Kong Su as developed by Bruce Terrell in Portland, Oregon. After discharge from the army in 1971 he started a Karate School in Lake Oswego, Oregon. Dr. Wheeler also trained in Brue Lee’s fighting systems, Tai Chi and Tai Kwan Do. Dr. Wheeler has stated that the practice of martial arts is meditative and instills breath as Chi to circulate in the body.

Dr. Wheeler actually began to develop his own healing systems in 1977 with the development of his own approach to Acupressure based on Traditional Chinese Medicine principles. In developing his own Acupressure system of treatment he also learned how to use Twelve Pulse Analysis, studying with the late Chinese Medicine icon Dr. James Yat Wong. Dr. Wheeler complete a study of the 12 Pulses while in Chiropractic College proving that the pulses associated with the different organs are changed with the use of his Acupressure system.

After many years of research and development Dr. Wheeler has created his own meditation methods and the Integrated Breathing Technique abbreviated as IBT. The name of his meditation system is The 72 Keys of Healing and Transformation.

Dr. Wheeler’s research and development of his meditation techniques and breathing system started in the spring of 1994. Finally, in 2013 Dr. Wheeler complete his system of breathing he calls IBT, referring to it as the Rocket Ship method of bringing about correct breathing as a matter of fact on a day to day basis. IBT has no religious components het at the same time utilizes little known methods for educating the nervous system to more effectively regulate breathing.

Dr. Wheeler places emphasis for people to learn the Integrated Breathing Technique as compared to The 72 Keys of Healing and Transformation. With one very amazing technique to instill correct breathing in the body a person gains the benefits of participating in Dr. Wheeler’s other self- development and healing methods. By going through a one hour personalized instruction in IBT with Dr. Wheeler via telephone and or email people will gain the combined benefit of the other three systems of healing he has invented: 12 Pulse Acupressure, Key Energetic Body Work and The 72 Keys of Healing and Transformation.

Based on the writings of Dr. Wheeler, he has shifted all emphasis in his healing work with people to helping them make a shift to correct breathing, which is accomplished with IBT (Integrated Breathing Technique). Dr. Wheeler states that correct breathing is defined by two fundamental components: 1) as the least volume of air taken into the body through inspiration; and 2) that breathing becomes an integrated wave that flows through the body touching all parts to transmit energy and ease to all the cells.

Biography of Dr. David Wheeler
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